Help Defend Against The Creeps

Creeps on a Mission

The first thing the Mueller squad did is freeze the defendants’ assets which makes it difficult if not impossible to defend against the charges.  Please contribute anything you can to the defense funds for these people to defend against Mueller’s charges. See my article on General Flynn, encouraging him to withdraw his plea.

I’m also donating a substantial portion of the proceeds of the T-Shirts to defense funds.  No amount is too small.  There are at least 60 million of us.  If everyone just gave $10, they would have plenty to fight with.  Thank you for your support for the President, the Rule of Law, and the defense of these people who were targeted for political purposes.

Paul Manafort Defense Fund

Long time friends of Paul Manafort have established this Legal Defense Trust Fund to assist Paul and his family in meeting the tremendous legal costs resulting from the proceedings commenced against him by the Office of Special Counsel following the historic 2016 Presidential Election.

Michael T. Flynn Legal Defense Fund

The costs of legal representation associated with responding to the multiple investigations that have arisen in the wake of the 2016 election place a great burden on Mike and his family. They are deeply grateful for considering a donation to help pay expenses relating to his legal representation.